"Qatar's Siege is a Clear Violation of Riyadh Agreement " Director of Government Communications Office Says

HE Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed Al-Thani, Director of the Government Communications Office of the State of Qatar said that the siege imposed on the State of Qatar is a clear and blatant violation to the Charter of the GCC, the Riyadh agreement 2013-2014 and their implementation mechanisms.

His Excellency stressed, in a press statement to CNN, that the provisions and articles of Al Riyadh agreement aimed to guarantee and enhance cooperation between sovereign GCC states while not interfering  in internal affairs, however,  the recent attack and unjustified allegations aimed at aggression on Qatar's sovereignty by the siege countries.

He added that the siege countries demands bore no relation to the Riyadh agreement which included shutting down Al Jazeera channel and paying compensation, pointing out that these measures of the siege countries led to breaking up of GCC families.

His Excellency noted that neither Saudi Arabia nor UAE communicated their alleged concerns to the State of Qatar ahead of the crisis, in accordance to the mechanisms of Al Riyadh agreement.

Responding to a question by CNN on the texts of the  2013 Riyadh agreement and the 2014 Riyadh supplementary agreement broadcasted by the network, His Excellency said he was unaware of the networks report on the two agreements and whether the texts of the agreements were fully or partially broadcasted.

His Excellency stressed that some of the allegations and demands of the siege countries have no basis, while others are unwarranted and unprecedented attack on the sovereignty of the State of Qatar, and contravenes to all international and regional conventions, that maintain the sovereignty of States, and consequently rejected by the State of Qatar for its illegality, and this rejection is also supported by the international community announcing the irrationality and unreasonableness of these demands as well as condemning the imposed siege measures.

He proceeded that the current crisis was a result of a hacking, fabricated statements, and a coordinated media campaign against the State of Qatar, and since the beginning of the crisis, the Saudi Arabia and the UAE attempted to conceal facts from world public opinion including their own citizens, they have used all means, including blocking Al Jazeera and other media inside their countries.