When you lose your passport or any personal identification documents, immediately go to or contact the embassy so that the officials at the embassy may take the required actions and report to the police. 

When a citizen is detained or investigated the embassy should immediately be notified of his/her place of detention or investigation. Such citizen should not give any information in an official verbal process without the presence of the embassy's attorney in order to protect his/her rights during the investigation.

To own a property in the Arab Republic of Egypt the buyer must ascertain the authenticity of the deeds of the property in question, and deal with accredited and trustworthy bodies specializing in this transaction with the presence of a reliable lawyer.

In case a citizen wishes to marry in the Arab Republic of Egypt he has to secure a No Objection Certificate from the embassy and follow the procedures observed in Qatar in this respect, namely obtain the approval of the committee organizing the marriage of Qataris to foreigners. After the approval of the committee a certificate shall be issued from the Qatari Ministry of Interior which in turn will officially notify the embassy of its approval.

In case of giving birth to children in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the concerned citizen should present the official approval of the marriage in order to approach the concerned authorities in Qatar to issue passage tickets in case the marriage has been concluded outside Qatar. Those who have a Qatari marriage certificate only a copy of the same will be enough.

If case a citizen wishes to have a driving license inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, he/she should apply for a letter To Whom It May concern carrying the address of the permanent residence of the applicant.

The embassy should be notified immediately of any disease or medical case a citizen may have in order to coordinate medical treatment with the Health Attaché.